My interest in Zentangle (R) started when I was looking at adult colouring books and decided I'd rather draw the pictures. My husband bought me a book about Zentangle inspired art for Christmas and my latest interest was born.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Graphite and a tortillion oh my...

Hi tangle friends hope your week is going well! I'm tucked up in bed with a bit of sinus trouble so am getting a head start on my blog post for this week. The wattle flowers are out, and even though they are beautiful, my sinuses don't really like them. I counted about 7 or 8 varieties at least of wattle along the river behind the boys' school.  

Wattle ~ inspiration for the Olympics Diva challenge.
  It's been a bit busy yet again. The church fair is over and my cards at least all sold. The fair was quite different this year and as part of it we had some different culturally diverse food options on offer. Some of the African ladies took over the kitchen and made fried chicken, jollof rice, banana fritters and salad. Oh my goodness Colonel Sanders eat your heart out. The best lunch I've had forever! I also had the best piece of chocolate brownie I think I've ever tasted and for afternoon tea had an authentic chai latte with winter warmer syrup containing saffron and chilli. Yum. This is not supposed to be a food blog lol.

Travelling Tangles 

I've been receiving a steady flow of happy mail over the last few weeks and have been enjoying and challenged by adding my touch to tiles that others have started. Most exciting has been seeing the results of what other people have done to my starts and I thought I'd show you a couple of those this week.

 Firstly the lovely Ria at has written a blogpost featuring her finishes of a couple of starts I sent her and she's done a beautiful job! Please go and check them out, and leave her a comment if you have time.

 The next ones I have to show you are by another Sue from Australia. With this one, I sent her the heart and Sue did the rest.

Gemstone heart
This one I started with the OoF and the strings out to the side. I wasn't altogether happy with it but Sue finished it off beautifully and added all the colour and shading.

OoF plus others.
These tiles are some starts I sent to Lynn from the UK. She does lovely things with colour so I sent her a nice empty molygon design and she lived up to expectation. I also sent one gem in a setting and she added more, matching them beautifully and finishing the rest of the tile. Can you guess which gem is mine?

Gems galore

Made by Joey #128 

Joey's finish my tangle challenge this week really excited me. I was inspired straight away by the tangle I wanted to use and also inspired to try some escaping the tile tangling like Stephanie does at Everything is Art. Go and check out her work, it is just amazing.

 I really got into lots of shading in this tangle. I was using my visual arts diary and I like how the shading turns out better on this smoother paper, though it is harder to control the pen. I also wish I'd known about tortillion back when I was doing high school art, I love working with them. Next time I will try and take a before and after shading shot, it's amazing the difference it makes.

There's a link on the left side margin if you want to see what others have done for this challenge.

Diva Challenge #282

The Diva challenge was to "Spill it!" To use something to create colour on a tile I accidentally on purpose dropped my tea bag on a tile then cut it open and spread tea leaves everywhere. I really like the effect.  

Spill it!
  I badly wanted to try and keep as much tea colour showing as I could so I used an open pattern of molygon and kept colouring small amounts in an attempt to get the balance right. Lesson learned is to sometimes go bolder right at the start, especially when working with colour. I think it would have turned out better if I'd coloured with my rust pen between the rust and black outlines of the molygons which was my original idea. It was certainly a fun challenge, thanks Laura!

There is a link to the diva challenges over on the left too.

 Well that's all for this week. Toby is keeping me company on the bed as I write this, but is suffering from a cold nose lol. Thanks for all those who take time to comment, I LOVE getting comments. You can tell I spend too much time on Facebook when I look for the button to "like" them. Have a good week and happy tangling!


  1. Beautiful art work and a lot. Yes, Travelling Tangles is much fun isn't it? Hope you get better soon and .... such a great photo of Toby!

  2. Thank you Sue for this wonderful post. It is very special, being in the summertime and reading news from you, living in the winter. I hope you will be better soon.
    I like the picture of the flowers and of course from Toby.
    You have made beautiful challenge-tiles, both of them, Drogon is drawn in a very nice way and so is Molygon and Florz.
    I'm glad you have sold all your cards and that you have fun with the travelingtiles. I like all the results!

  3. Sweet cat :) and beautiful pieces of art. Your Joey tile is very playlist, and I love what you did with your teabag :-)

  4. I love the Eke in your Molygon. You did beautifully for Joey's challenge. I, too, thought of adding a tangle that would go around Joey's initial tangle. Your gems are shiny and gorgeous. <3

  5. The cat is perfect! They always are! Beautiful work you show here. The Joey´s challenge is unique and so lovely! Thank´s for sharing!

  6. All of your work is so beautiful! Love that pic of Toby;-)

  7. I linked in through Joey's tangle challenge and was blessed by a whole collection of beautiful art (and kitty too!).

  8. Beautiful tiles! I am mesmerized by the moloygon on your tea "spill it" tile:)

  9. Really pretty tiles, all of them and love the cat pic! My kitty sleeps like that too! 🤗

  10. Beautiful colors and collaborative tiles! I love the movement in your Joey tile. It reminds me of a broken string of beads! Sweet kitty, too!

  11. Lovely work, and the shared tiles are a lot of fun. Love the gems and that beautiful kitty!

  12. Your tea tile is just beautiful, love all your work, great composition and line work!

  13. I like your tea tile and your Molygon. That is one tangle that I just can't get. Toby looks super cute too.

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