My interest in Zentangle (R) started when I was looking at adult colouring books and decided I'd rather draw the pictures. My husband bought me a book about Zentangle inspired art for Christmas and my latest interest was born.

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Wow, that's a great milestone! Thanks to everyone who has come to visit my blog and look at my work and especially leave comments. It's lovely to get feedback and constructive suggestions too!

It's supposed to be spring here and we had one day of promise last Sunday but since then have had three days of heavy rain, wind and flooding not to mention cold (9 degrees in the middle of the afternoon for September is not spring).

The sun is trying to come out as I type, so I'm hoping for some nicer days though there is apparently more rain on the way next week. Most telling is that neither Toby or the bird have started their spring moult yet! Obviously they know something about the weather we don't lol.

Anyway, on to some tangling!

DC#284 and Made by Joey #130

This week's challenges I've done as a combined piece in my sketch book. The Diva challenged us to a monotangle of tripoli. Not one I've done before, and I should have taken a simpler approach for my first try. It's definitely a tangle I'll be trying again.

Joey continued with her finish my tile challenge using a start with some tipple in the 4 corners. I turned this into one of my favourites, ennies and then added another new to me tangle, Relly Telly Two in the centre, plus the focus tangle from the Square One Facebook group for this week, CreZendo. Please go and check out all the other creative people out there by clicking the links in the heading above!

I quite like CreZendo and will be playing with it some more I think. Here is a tangle I did for the Square One: Purely Zentangle Facebook group. It's a versatile tangle that can be used in a lot of ways and I enjoy doing it.

Travelling Tangles 

I have had a couple of lots of happy mail this week so if inspiration strikes I will show you some results in my next post. Here is one I finished about a week ago. Janet's start was so beautiful it took me a while to get brave enough to touch it, and also to work out what I was going to do with it. I wrecked a couple of pens filling in all that black but it was worth it.

I added blooming butter by Michele Beauchamp. A lot of the Travelling Tanglers use creative and beautiful ways to package their tangles for postage. Janet was no exception, she made this lovely holder and tangled my name on the front.


For those of you who liked my new tangle from last week I have since refined the way I draw it and done a step out which you can find here. It also now has a name. 

 I used it in this travelling tangle start which I posted across the world last week with some henna drum. I really like it on black!

That's all for this post, thanks for persisting through to the end if you made it this far lol. 
Happy tangling!


  1. I love all the work you show here!!! The weather is really weird; in the Netherlands it is autumn and soooo very hot. Yesterday it was 34 C here.

    1. It's been weird all year. We didn't really have any autumn weather this year.

  2. Thanks for showing CreZendo. You make it look fun to draw. Hope the weather for you gets better. Here in Canberra we are getting rain and more rain. The weeds are loving it!

  3. Nice work Sue, I love your tiles of the week, a lovely Relly Telly in the middle (didn't know this pattern)and well done with the Tripoli, my first attempt was very bad, but now it has become one of my favorites. Very nice drawn that Crezendo and I'm glad you like this wonderful project of the traveling tile, nice results!!!

  4. Great work! Funny because I actually have a page in progress similar to yours with Tripoli fragments. Your Traveling Tile is fantastic. I love the Blooming Butter.

  5. Great work! Funny because I actually have a page in progress similar to yours with Tripoli fragments. Your Traveling Tile is fantastic. I love the Blooming Butter.

  6. Wonderful work, Suse. My favorite is how you did Crezendo. You really did well with a first time of Tripoli. It has taken me years to get mine to come out nicely LOL!

  7. Wonderful work. Will try your Stree-tangle.

  8. Many very good ideas to fill tripoli tangle! Beautiful composition !

  9. So wonderful work this week! Especially I like your Tripoli tile in the sketchbook!

  10. Gorgeous work! I'd be happy to trade some hot weather for your rain ;)

  11. I can't believe this was your first time with Tripoli - I think you "nailed" it! Nice work all around!

  12. All your tiles are beautiful and Tripoli is perfect. I am looking forward to trying Stree.


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