My interest in Zentangle (R) started when I was looking at adult colouring books and decided I'd rather draw the pictures. My husband bought me a book about Zentangle inspired art for Christmas and my latest interest was born.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Relax bro'

This was the diva's challenge for the week and boy did I struggle with it.

There has been a lot on this week taking up mental space - a bit of taking on more than I should on one hand, then being asked to take on more than I'd planned with something else. So this week's post nearly didn't happen. I didn't even make it to Joey's challenge this week.

Another birthday for Mr 16 was one of the reasons. A nice zentangle spiral there lol.
However it's Sunday, last week is all done and dusted fairly successfully on the whole and I decided to sit down and share some of what's been happening.

I'm self taught at zentangle due to no CZTs in my home town. I would love just one lesson with a qualified CZT to help me get my head around the mindfulness side of this beautiful craft. This diva challenge did teach me a lot though. The main thing being that just diving in with no plan or idea is NOT relaxing for me. In fact quite the opposite. I have great difficulty pulling tangles out of thin air and I discovered I grit my teeth. I got quite stressed by the experience and I think that has come out in the tile.

So then I decided to do a tile I'd been planning for Square One including fife which was the featured tangle. Much better, and much easier to get into the zone with a little bit of structure in place.

So I've learned an important lesson, when I want to draw just for the sake of drawing, things go much better with a bit of a framework around it.

Travelling Tangles - looking back

One of the things I like sending people as travelling tangles are gems - I get great ideas from seeing what other people do with them! The following two I was quite blown away by. I sent both these ladies facetted gems rather than round or curvy ones, and I love what they did with them.

Finished by Sandy in the USA

I love those little extra hints of red. And this one

Finished by Kim in the Netherlands
I love how Kim continued my paradox start (have I mentioned before that I LOVE paradox?)

That's all for now. Toby says hi! He has been stealing offcut strips from when I cut my own tiles out of the bin to play with lol. No pics of him this week, but here's one of the other member of the family, Pikatiel (from Pikachu and cockatiel) otherwise known as Pika. He belongs to Mr 16 and is about 5 years old now!

Keep on tangling and thanks for commenting xox


  1. Sue, your DIva's tile is wonderful, nice balance and beautiful drawn tangles!
    I'm glad you enjoy traveling tiles. The results you show us are marvellous. I like the way you draw the gems.
    When you can't visit a CZT, I would recomment the PRIMER, there is so much information in. When I give workshops, I do the first lesson in the same way as written in the book!

    1. Thanks Ria, the Primer is going on my Christmas list!

  2. Your tiles are wonderful and your tangles are beautifully drawn. I enjoy Travelling tangles as well. Your faceted gems are lovely.

  3. Hey Sue! Love your blog & both your tiles are beautiful! That swap with you was fun! I'm a big fan of your art! Tangle on! Sandy K-J, CZT, Pearland, Texas, USA

  4. Usually I select 3 or 4 tangles in advance and then begin my composition. Or, I start with one and see if the edges allow me to continue into another tangle that I know. If not, back to my collection for a random stab. It does remove the issue of which tangles to use and removes any stress you might feel. Your tile is really nice and I just love your gems. We have a cockatiel named Jasmine who is about 10 years old. She is a sweetie except when she feels the need to scream!

  5. Your tangles are gorgeous!! Your cockatiel looks EXACTLY like our sweet, Saffron, who died earlier this year. They are such wonderful companions ❤

  6. Your tangles are gorgeous!! Your cockatiel looks EXACTLY like our sweet, Saffron, who died earlier this year. They are such wonderful companions ❤

  7. I like your Diva tile. What tangle is that in the top corners? As for not having a CZT nearby, my advice is to find one in a location you like then visit them. That's how I found Shelly Beauch. I've visited her twice now, for 2 days solid drawing each time. I then go on a road trip around northern Tassie for the rest of the week.

  8. Oh I love Tassie, and want to go back there. I'll definitely keep that in mind. We are going to New Zealand soon, I might try and fit in something there.
    The tangle is called angel fish, it's the first time I've used it I think.
    Thanks for visiting!


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