My interest in Zentangle (R) started when I was looking at adult colouring books and decided I'd rather draw the pictures. My husband bought me a book about Zentangle inspired art for Christmas and my latest interest was born.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Long Time No Post

Well it's been quite a while since I posted here. I took a break due to feeling overloaded and also due to an injury that was making it hard to tangle, then at the start of this year I rather lost my mojo for a while. However my darling husband bought me the Zentangle Primer Vol 1 and I have been working my way through that. It has sparked my creativity and also my development as a tangler in such a huge way, I highly recommend it.

The other exciting thing that has been happening is that I've discovered some groups of tanglers where I live. I was beginning to think I was the only one! We even have a new CZT! I attended a Christmas in July group and after that have linked in with a group that meets fortnightly. My first meeting they asked me to teach them two tangles lol.       

Capz - a new tangle! 

  I was having a facebook conversation with some other tanglers about dingbatz, and one of them suggested "nikolai" as a good tangle to use. The rest of us rushed off and looked for it, only to discover that nikolai was how the lady's autocorrect on her phone had mangled mooka. We joked that someone needed to come up with a new tangle called nikolai. Anyway the next morning I found a new tangle on my shower cap. Because of that inspiration, and because it was my constantly cap wearing son's birthday, it was named "Capz" instead. I hope you like it.


  Here are some tiles with examples of how to use it.

I like the version in the second tile with perfs between the blades.      

Have fun with it! If you do use this tangle, please post a link to a pic of your tile, I'd love to see it! Until next time, happy tangling!
Oh, and Toby says hi!  

Toby Quilt Lover

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